E-study | Created: 02/13/2020

Privatization and Performance in Northern California’s Battle with the Opioid Epidemic

Privatization and Performance in Northern California's Battle with the Opioid Epidemic is a single, comprehensive case study that examines administrative efforts to combat opioid drug abuse in Northern California. In response to rising opioid addiction and drug overdose deaths, coupled with state-level mandates for local areas to provide drug treatment options, county administrators in Northern California pursue a regional consortium offering treatment services through contracted arrangements with private sector providers, known as the Nor Cal Rehabilitation Services Consortium(NCRC). Although based upon real-world events, various aspects of administrator names and titles, agency characteristics, and caseload details are fictionalized and curated for classroom activity and assessment. The broad purposes of the case revolve around identifying and developing central aspects of public administration research methods, program evaluation, and performance management. To this end, the case study and teaching plan center on creating a comprehensive evaluation design, including developing various components such as research questions, logic models, sampling and data collection approaches, and data analysis techniques. This case relates to timely administrative issues that are occurring within municipal and county-level health and human service departments across America.

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