Submit A Case

Ready to submit a case to Publicases?

Publicases accepts cases for review on a rolling basis. We are here to help you if you have any questions! Contact us at

Cases submitted must include:

  1. A cover page including:
    • author information (name, title, institution, email)
    • abstract
    • synopsis      
  2. Tags for the case for searching purposes.
    • subject area
    • competencies covered
    • skills taught
    • funder (if applicable)
    • course teaching
    • format (case study, multimedia case,)
    • if peer reviewed
    • student level
    • country
    • language
  3. The case.
  4. The teaching note.
  5. Case release form (if applicable)

Cases accepted for review by the Publicase have typically been successfully taught, as related in an accompanying teaching and/or usage note, by the author. Cases may be written by, or in collaboration with, a research assistant, who must be properly credited.

Teaching notes provide the necessary advice on how to teach the case. The teaching note should contain analysis and academic detail. It should describe the purpose of the case and how to use the case, including its objectives and lessons, displays a teaching plan, identifies ways to use audio-visual resources, and lists possible readings and related materials.

An abstract serves as the introduction to the case on the Hallway’s website. It should briefly summarize the case’s contents and describe ways it can best be taught. In addition, for cross-referencing on the web site, please identify subject and geographic areas.

synopsis is a one to two sentence snippet that should describe what the case aims to teach students. It will be seen on the site as members are browsing through lists of potential cases they would like to teach.

Publication and Copyright

Upon acceptance, cases and teaching and usage notes are published on Publicases.

Authors normally retain all rights to other publication and use of their material, but cannot revoke the Publicases right to publish and distribute the material according to the Publicases’ established policies.

Case Release