About Publicases

Publicases is an online repository and marketplace developed by NASPAA as platform connecting students and faculty in public affairs schools around the world with simulations, case studies, data, and other experiential learning opportunities.  

NASPAA believes strongly in experiential learning and the competencies students can grow when given the opportunity to test their developing knowledge and skills in relatively low stakes situations prior to graduation.

Today’s students in public affairs programs are tomorrow’s government and nonprofit leaders. By participating in experiential learning opportunities while in graduate school, students learn the critical thinking and data analysis skills they will need to succeed as public sector professionals in the real-world and contribute to effective governance.

The Objectives of Publicases

  1. Strengthen the skills of student participants and future leaders across the globe in critical thinking and managing public governance, as well empowering them to engage in public service through simulations, cases and data-driven modes of learning.             
  2. Equip instructors with tools and teaching devices such as teaching cases, multimedia cases and videos, and simulations (computer-based and role playing), as part of an effort to enhance experiential learning opportunities in the classroom; and the training to use these tools.
  3. Train students in data skills though real-world examples, specifically how to employ evidence-based analysis and nontraditional methods.
  4. Provide experience acting from public service values and working towards the public good to our partner organizations.

NASPAA or the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration is the global standard in public service education.   NASPAA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership association with over 300 institutional member schools at U.S. and global universities that award degrees in public administration, public policy, public affairs, non profit and related fields. NASPAA is the recognized global accreditor of master’s degree programs in these fields. NASPAA’s two-fold mission is to ensure excellence in education and training for public service and to promote the ideal of public service.

Advisory Board

NASPAA Liaison- Stacy Drudy, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning

Diana Beck,  University of Minnesota

Kate Connors, University of Minnesota (Ret.)

Roger Hartley, University of Baltimore 

William Hatcher, Augusta University

Kirsten Lundberg,  Lundberg Case Consortium

Julieta Marotta,  Maastricht University

Tina Nabatchi, Syracuse University

Jodi Sandfort, University of Washington