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DMS Host Nations: Migration Simulation

The Host Nations Simulation puts students in the roles of government leaders working together to manage policies, balance budgets and satisfy their citizens as they manage an influx of refugees following the collapse of their home country. Those who are already familiar with the Host Nations simulation will see new content and new learning objectives that specifically target the DEIJA facets of refugee migration management in the simulation. The Host Nations simulation will challenge and teach students to deliver effective and equitable policies, consider the diverse needs of various populations, interpret data to evaluate and reorient policy decisions, practice inclusive decision-making and navigate challenging and asymmetrical intergovernmental relations. The Host Nations Simulation, which was featured at the 2024 NASPAA Simulation Competition, is the best opportunity for students who want to find their public servant voice and gain real-world experience without real-world risks.

To access this simulation, please visit the DMS Academy Simulation portal.

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