UW Evans School

University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance is a founding Partner of NASPAA’s Publicases platform.   

About the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Over the past 50 years, the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance has built a reputation as one of the top public policy schools in the nation. The school is defined by a shared purpose: to inspire public service and to democratize public policy.

The Evans School’s students, graduates, and faculty provide the ideas, expertise, and leadership that guide government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies around the country and throughout the world. In partnership with communities, The Evans School co-creates solutions to the most pressing societal problems.

About the Case Collection

For more than 25 years, the Evans School hosted and maintained the Electronic Hallway, a collection of practitioner-driven, high-quality, academically rigorous case studies for use in public affairs classrooms. This collection of real-world resources has served to enhanced the teaching practice in public affairs education across the United States and internationally. In 2021, The Evans School partnered with NASPAA to provide our case teaching resources from the Electronic Hallway to Publicases as a further contribution to the field, to help expand, consolidate, and centralize quality teaching materials for the benefit of the wider community of Public Affairs educators.